What are we doing about Hurricane Matthew’s devastation?

The storm has passed, yet the devastation remains.  Hope for Haitians is accepting donations for emergency relief.  Click here to donate (be sure to note this is for the hurricane relief).

Our first village built in 2001 is in Cotes-de-Fer, a fishing village on the southern coast of Haiti.  As relief efforts are being made by many government and non-government organizations, the challenge remains of accessing the remote villages.  On a good day it takes 4 1/2 hours to travel the short 50 miles to the village from Port-au-Prince because of the lack of good roads.  We are still awaiting a report on the damage to this village and the people.  Without emergency supplies of food, water and shelter, the chance for diseases like cholera to quickly spread is the next disastrous problem.  Please pray for the families of Cotes-de-Fer and for all the families who are suffering due to the storm.

We are called to help those less fortunate than us.  I can not think of a place that needs our support right now more than the island country of Haiti.