Irma and Marie destroy livelihoods

Haiti has once again been hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  While they were not in the eye of the storm the North East area of Haiti was inundated with damaging winds and water.

Inspecting flooded crops

We are beginning to receive reports regarding the villages that we have built in those areas.  The initial reports indicate that the worst damage is to the agricultural crops and the livestock.  While this may seem like an easily fixed problem, the cost of replacing livestock and crops becomes an almost insurmountable issue for those farmers in Haiti that rely solely on their animals and crops to feed their families.  Food insecurity becomes even more apparent than it already is in many communities.

Wind damage

We need to pray for our partners that have the ability to deliver food, seed and animals to those most in need.  We need to gather our financial support to help our partners better provide.  With no safety net the outlook is bleak.  However, the people of Haiti are resilient and with what little they have, they find ways to share from their want and supply for others need.  Please help us during this current disaster.