Children to Children: Elgin to Haiti

ELGIN-Parishioners at St. Thomas More here have been helping the poorest of the poor in Haiti for the last several years.

1st and 8th grade students help collect boxes

They have been funding programs that help change the lives of thousands of Haitian people.

This Lent, the parish again worked with Hope for Haitians in the Rockford Diocese to improve the quality of life for Haiti residents.

Students at St. Thomas More School and in the after-school religious education program also played a role in raising money this Lent.

Students image of a schoolhouse

This year, parish youngsters focused on collecting money to support education for Haitian students.

They learned that $125 per student covers the cost of school books, a school uniform and one hot meal a day for the entire year.

The students raised more than enough money to support four students.

Young Religious Education students smiling about their progress in helping Haitian students.

This article was first published in The Observer – Official Newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford entitled Elgin Parish and School Help Haitians (Friday May 26, 2017 edition)