A June Trip to Haiti: Continuing Accountability

Cooking the daily meal in the “kitchen”

Typical home being replaced

A group of travelers just returned from a Hope for Haitians accountability trip to Haiti.  They were able to see the poverty that abounds in much of Haiti as well as be joyfully welcomed into our latest village in Garde Saline, the second phase of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Village.  Along the way they visited three of our previous villages to check on their status of becoming self sustaining.


One of the other highlights was visiting the village of Pistere where we are planning to build our next village. Those traveling were able to witness the living conditions of the families and realize the immense difference a solidly built home will provide.

Two of our board members who had traveled to our villages before said: “It was a great trip – the people greeted us in such a hospitable way and their gratitude was visible on their faces.”

Greeting from the villagers

Another traveler said: “I have been there a number of times and it always takes my breath away when we land.  The reality of Haiti hits you as you step off the plane and enter the day to day lives of the people.  It extends not just to those we help but also to those still in need.”

We are working hard to make these trips available to as many as want to go.  If you are interested please contact our offices and we will give you more information.  It is truly a life changing trip for those who travel.