Hope for Haitians

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Since 2001, Hope for Haitians has worked to bring clean water, food, housing, education and medical services to Haiti, home to more than nine million people and considered to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

While helping to meet the basic needs of Haitians for housing and clean water, Hope for Haitians also creates sustainable solutions for continued self-sufficiency and provides education programs to prepare the next generation. Since the organization started, the group has established:

  • Clean water sources for more than 270,000 people
  • Over 650 homes by mid-2018 for families formerly living in complete destitution
  • Tilapia ponds for a sustainable source of nutritious protein
  • Livestock program as an income and food source
  • Cassava bakeries and rice mills for a nutritious food source and for income generation
  • Re-forestation projects
  • Community centers for village gatherings and community building


Through the generous donations of so many people, Hope for Haitians has already completed thirteen building projects. The first in Cotes-de-Fer, and the remaining in the Cap Haitien area. These villages were built under the premise to provide self sustaining life for their villagers. 2019 begins our campaign to establish sustainability and education projects, upgrade and build new homes, and construct our fifteenth building project in Pistere, Haiti. These villages have developed more than a place to call home – they have planted the seeds for a new life of security and dignity.